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7 youth movements changing the modern world

Have you ever had second thoughts? We mean, have you ever thought that you are wasting your youth for something that is not worth it? In college, young people typically have fun, party all night, and enjoy their youth to the fullest. Not all of them think about studies and good grades even with statistics homework help available. Being young means you are free to do the things you want and can really change the world, so why not use this opportunity not to regret this time in the future? With social media, now you can easily join any social movement and become part of history. In this article, we will talk about the seven most famous youth movements taking place today.

World-changing youth movements

Being a student means a lot of studies and responsibilities, but you can still participate in other important activities, not sacrificing your education. While you can always delegate your homework and order an essay just sending a request, «Can you do my assignment for me?» to one of the varieties of professional services, there is some free time to take an active position and help other people. Modern youth movements are actually the driving force that leads people to positive changes. They are indicators of the well-being of society and its prosperity. To become a part of it and fuel the progress, you can join one of these organizations:

1. Global Youth Action Network

This organization merged with another one, Taking IT Global, almost 20 years ago, and even though it's not actually a movement, it is still one of the biggest networks connecting young people that have ever been created. Today it exists in almost 200 countries and owns an award as a social network for social good. Its main goal to inspire and engage young people for global education programs and innovation;

2. One Youth Ambassadors

This is a dedicated team of young people who volunteer in European campaigns. They work with the media to get exposure and encourage other people to sign petitions and take part in local activities and events. Due to their efforts millions of funding has already helped the poor to get products and services they needed;

3. Scouts

Indeed, this educational movement is the largest and most famous in the world, with 40 million members from over 220 countries. It has no race or origin distinction and is aimed at helping young people develop their emotions and intellect and raise social and spiritual potentials as personalities;

4. Sawa World

This movement believes that it is possible to help billion of people get out of extreme poverty. This can be done by its leaders who have been there and also lived for one dollar a day or less but managed to make it through. Young people make short videos and share in local media to keep people updated on practical solutions;

5. Voluntary Service Overseas

It is another movement aimed at the world without poverty. Its key goal is to bring all people together globally and fight poverty more efficiently by volunteering in developing countries;

6. World Youth Alliance

The goal of this organization is to build the world`s culture, promote dignity, and support such social elements as health, education, human rights, and economic development. The network is mainly for young people under 30;

7. Global Citizen

Last but not least, this community is taking care of one billion people living in poverty. Its members promote fighting inequality and poverty and organize events helping spread a word about this problem.

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