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Why It Is Hard to Get Over Your First Love

The first experience of romantic relationships leaves a deep imprint on the soul of every person. Whether we realize it or not, this love affair will have an impact on us during our lifetime. And there are reasons for that. Your first love is unique from all sides possible since you experience new feelings that are also accompanied by surprise, intrigue, and tremendous excitement. You can experience the whole range of emotions if you try snapsext as well. Even if your first love doesn’t last long, it will still be with you. It is hard to explain this waterfall of emotions that you face for the first time, but anyway, why is it so hard to get over it?

It was your first "maximum"

Imagine that you are about to jump with a parachute for the first time. How will you feel at this moment? Usually, rookie skydivers experience a thrill and a powerful adrenaline rush. People experience almost the same when they fall in love for the first time. It can also be compared to exploring boundaries and desire to understand the "maximum." The very first romantic experience opens up a world of opportunity and excitement combined with a tinge of fear. The person who has evoked these feelings will forever remain in your memory, and it is almost impossible to get over them.

You opened up

First romantic relationships have a stronger impact on us than any friendship. It is characterized by a high level of intimacy when you are full of optimism and faith in people. You allow yourself to be more vulnerable, take risks, and trust others. It is what makes first love so unique, vivid, and memorable. And yes, such relationships often end in a broken heart and force you to draw bitter conclusions. Next time, you are more careful about fully trusting the romantic partner. It means that you are less likely to allow yourself to open up to a new person.

Your needs were satisfied

Most people fall in love at the age of 15-25 when they long for the approval of others and getting rewards for their efforts. In other words, they want satisfaction. The first romantic relationship provides them with that: you get emotional and physical intimacy. And these "rewards" seem to be more enjoyable than other things. Therefore, young people may neglect their studies or reject their friends when they start romantic relationships for the first time. Such a change in priorities can bring many problems, and yet it is one of the most important experiences in life a person should go through.

You look at the past through pink-colored glasses

Your memories are often fake. You remember good moments longer than you should, and you overly romanticize the past. The more time has passed since the end of the first romantic relationship, the less bad you remember about it. Thus, you begin to look at first love through pink-colored glasses, and it can negatively affect new relationships. The current relationship may seem to you less bright or trusting than you would like to have, so you can start looking back, relying on the experience of first love.

Your first love is associated with opportunities

Along with reflection of your youth, your first love can also remind you of a time when it seemed to you that you have endless opportunities, and life was a big exciting adventure. Reflection on your first love can make you think about different scenarios, “What ifs.” Where would you be now if you took another decision at a key moment of life?

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